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Hello. My name is Tamta Lomidze, and I'm a Front-End Web Developer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Being In love with the art of programming, I have passionately been creating digital experiences. Nowadays, I'm dedicated to making my voice heard in this digital noise, and turning this love into the work of my life.

When it comes to my outlook on life, I love freedom, cherish individuality, and am deeply humane. I'm in search of remarkable opportunities.

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Technologies I work with: CSS, JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, alongside with: SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and React (which I'm mastering now).

Tools I use: NPM, Parcel, Babel, Webpack, Figma, Canva, Git, and GitHub.

I follow methodologies such as BEM Notation, Atomic Design, Component-Based Development, RWD, Performance Optimization.

I adhere to the Object Oriented Programming paradigm and MVC Architecture.